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The co founders of Prestige Fires, Edward Crockford and Chris Debono have been in the Fireplace installation business for more than a decade.


Previously business partners at Tekno Airconditioning,  Chris and Ed have a wealth of experience in heating up and cooling down homes and businesses.

Edward born in Essex, UK is an electrical engineer by trade and knows what it takes when it comes to people and their homes. "We know that people are very house proud in Malta and we believe that our fireplaces add an extra touch to this pride. In turn, we make sure that we are meticulous in our  initial consultations as well as our installations".

Chris, originally from Ontario, Canada, has vast experience in project management and offers a very 'hands on' approach to his  business. "We believe that service and product go hand in hand. We know we have the best products on the market so we strive to offer a service that matches the level of our fantastic fireplaces."

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